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TEMA: There is a new eSports incentive

There is a new eSports incentive 7 meses 2 semanas antes #2294

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In Triple Threat against the CPU, you're challenged to defeat the best trios in NBA history as well as threes from the game. Per 2K, there'll be tournaments ran in Triple Threat in the forthcoming weeks and months. The single-player challenges are also back and they're plentiful. There are 36 to start and that MT NBA 2K19 amount will expand throughout the season as more content is added to MyTEAM.

On the multiplayer side, there are new weekly challenges in head-to-head competition with rewards up for grabs. You can also play with an unranked game against your friends. Perhaps the biggest addition to MyTEAM is the new Infinite mode. You put together your very best team from top to base and compete in 5-v-5 gameplay. Within this structure, there is a new eSports incentive since the MyTEAM Unlimited games serve as qualifiers for a championship that will see 1 person earn $250,000 for emerging winning.

Every year MyGM and MyLeague would be the best modes in the 2K Universe. This year, other parts of the game are almost as powerful, but the franchise concepts still shine bright. MyGM has two different experiences. You can go through a story mode similar to last year's, only now you are in charge of a growth team. The other experience is more straightforward with no story, but you'll have a comparable set of management.

It is still great for the franchise mode lover who does not really need all of the customizations that MyLeague offers.MyLeague has gotten even larger and in the process, it has widened the gap between it and every other franchise style concept. With the enhanced CAP tool and Player DNA, advanced roster creation only augments the encounter the most creative MyLeaguers can have.

To sweeten the deal, the attribute now gives players access to historic draft classes. Throughout your MyLeague seasons, in addition to utilizing fictional and user-created draft classes, you'll also have access to this 1960, 1965, 1969, 1970, 1974 and 1976-2017 rookie crops. Essentially, it's possible to almost recreate basketball history.There are some holes at the draft courses because of licensing problems (meaning no Charles Barkley and Reggie Miller, and others), however you can still edit the historical draft classes to fill in the openings. Add to this three-team transactions, even more, realistic NBA salary guidelines and MyLeague is insanely excellent.

Last but not least, we've got The Neighborhood 2.0. Last year's Neighborhood launched with some technical issues which dulled the impact of what Buy NBA 2K Coins was truly a groundbreaking concept and partial achievement. This version of The Neighborhood feels like everything past years was supposed to be . It seems like games begin quicker too, but that might be because the full hit on the host hasn't taken place.
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